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"Eva has worked with our daughters, Rachel (UT Cockrell class of 2019) and Danielle (Rice, class of 2022), and we anticipate she will work with our third daughter Miriam (St. Stephens, class of 2020). Eva guided our daughters through their application process and helped them to bring out their unique personalities. Eva let the girls own the process, as they should, and forced them to think critically about themselves and their goals. Eva is always available by email and promptly responsive. Our daughters were organized and well prepared throughout the application process, and if they had stress, they must have hid it well. I credit Eva for that!"
- David, Parent
"Eva helped both our two daughters. Her insight, assistance, and suggestions helped us get through two college application seasons and really help us know that we were on the right track. I especially appreciate the time she had with Kat to discuss her issues with volleyball and other senior year struggles. She always guided without pushing or imposing, instead she helped them come to their own conclusions with careful consideration. We simply would have been miserable through these years without her."
- Terri & Michael, Parents of UT engineering honors & UT Plan II students
"Eva Garza-Nyer made me feel much more positive about my son's college application process. She was able to connect with both of us in a very helpful way. Eva takes a very realistic view of an applicant's strengths and weaknesses, and does not hesitate to give the applicant direct feedback about how to present himself/herself. She encourages kids to contact the admissions officers and ask direct questions. Eva works at both the strategic and the tactical level. She helps applicants identify the right colleges, and then she helps them with the nuts and bolts of the applications process. She gave very honest and helpful feedback about my son's essay."
- Martha, Parent
"Dr. Garza-Nyer's input throughout the application was pivotal in how I presented myself to the colleges I applied to. I truly appreciate her time and support."
- Zach, Harvard Student
"Eva brings clarity and simplicity to the daunting college admissions process. I arrived to my first appointment quite disoriented and not knowing which steps to take next. We crafted a thorough to do list right off the bat and created a timeline on when I wanted to get the items completed. Within the first week of Apply Texas opening, I had already submitted my six applications and had been accepted to one of my schools. I continued to hold out until I received news from my top choice school, St. Edward's University. In November, I was admitted into the university and their honors college and had been offered their top scholarship. However, the price was still too expensive. I went back to Eva asking for help with the financial aid repeal process and compiled a spreadsheet comparing the annual cost, aid received, and percent of tuition covered. I submitted the spreadsheets and about two weeks later I heard back from St. Edward's and was offered an additional $20,000. Eva knows how to make the entirety of the college admissions journey less stressful and more straightforward and simple than any advisor out there!"
- Alex, Student
"Applying to Rice and Stanford was difficult, but having to choose between the two seemed impossible until you helped me through it. Your support throughout the application and decision making processes was tremendous. I will always be thankful for your time, wisdom, and patience."
- Michael, Stanford Student
"Dr. Garza-Nyer did an amazing job of seeing our son through his preparation. We were at times concerned as we were not always sure that he was on track with what he needed to be doing, as he failed to keep us in the loop at times. Fortunately, he met his deadlines thanks to her. She always made us feel as if you were a quick call/email away. And our conversations with her consistently led to a sense of calmness and feeling reassured about the college process. We are grateful to her. Byron felt that he was able to go to you with any concerns or questions. She has a very special talent with young people and their parents. Thank you!"
- Noel & Cheryl, Parents of Yale Student
"I couldn't have done it without her! I could never in a million years be able to thank her enough for working with me. I can safely say that had she not sat down with me and helped me choose to apply to NYU through Early Decision, I wouldn't have done it and probably wouldn't have been admitted to the school of my dreams. I hope future students realize what a fantastic resource and asset she is - she's the best!"
- Kelsey, NYU Student
"Right from our first meeting with Eva, we knew we were in the best of hands. Eva knows the college process in and out. Her vast experience covers all aspects, from guiding your student on discovering his or her strengths and interests, recommending extracurricular activities that help build an impressive resume, to, above all, crafting a compelling application. Throughout the process, Eva shows an exceptional amount of patience but will keep your student firmly on track. The results were beyond our expectations.  We highly recommended Eva to anyone!"
- Jens, Parent of UT Engineering Honors Student
Conference Attendance & College Visits

Rice Nominators Circle   |   Heart of Ohio College Tour (Otterbein College, Kent State, Marietta College, Ohio University, John Carroll University, Case Western Reserve University, and Antioch College)   |   George Washington University   |   Counselor Connection   |   Texas Association of College Admissions Counselors (TACAC) Conference- Presenter   |   National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) Conference- Presenter   |   Johnson & Wales University Counselor Update   |   College Board Southwest Regional Meeting- Presenter   |   Texas State University Update   |   Schreiner University Counselor Visit   |   Vanderbilt University Counselor Conference   |   Texas Lutheran Counselor Tour   |   The University of Texas Counselor Colloquium   |   Texas A&M Counselors' Summer Institute   |   UT/A&M Counselor Update   |   Southwestern University Counselor Update   |   University of Southern California Tour   |   UCLA Counselor Update   |   College Board Update   |   ACT Update   |   College Board New Counselor Training   |   Claremont Consortium Counselor Tour (Claremont McKenna, Pomona, Scripps, Harvey Mudd)   |   UTSA Counselor Visit   |   Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities- Presenter   |   College Board Forum- Presenter   |   Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions   |   Naval Academy/Air Force Academy Counselor Visit   |   St. John's College Counselor Update   |   St. Mary's/ The University of Notre Dame Counselor Visit   |   Counseling for College Institute (Santa Clara Univ., University of the Pacific, UC Santa Cruz, St. Mary's College, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Univ. of San Francisco, Mills College)   |   University of Miami College Counselor Conference   |   UT Dallas- UT Mc Dermott Scholars Counselor Update   |   Texas Tech Summer Showcase for College Counselors   |   University of Houston - Texas Tech Counselor Update   |   Texas Culinary Academy Counselor Visit   |   Duke/University of Chapel Hill Robertson Scholars Counselor Visit   |   Peachtree Counselor Tour: Emory University, Spelman, Georgia Tech, Oglethorpe University, Agnes Scott College, Oxford College   |   Colorado State Counselor Update   |   Florida College Trip: University of South Florida, University of Tampa, Eckerd College   |   Milwaukee College Trip: University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Marquette University   |   Pittsburgh College Trip: Duquesne University, Carnegie-Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Chatham College, La Roche College   |   Middlebury College & Williams College Counselor Tour   |   Bronx College & Kingsborough College NYC   |   El Centro, Brookhaven College, Richland College (Dallas)   |   Rhodes College   |   University of Arkansas   |   Ohio State University   |   Villanova University   |   University of Pennsylvania   |   Swarthmore College   |   Drexel University   |   Savannah College of Arts & Design   |   Furman University   |   Coastal Carolina University   |   Anderson University   |   University of South Carolina   |   Wofford College   |   Clemson University   |   Erskine College   |   Newberry College   |   Presbyterian College   |   College of Charleston   |   Baylor University Counselor Tour   |   Hawaii Pacific University   |   Portland State University   |   Reed   |   Lewis & Clark   |   University of Milan   |   University of Barcelona

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