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The college selection and application process may cause students and their parents to feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, disillusioned, confused, and even scared. The Texas College Advisor can remedy these uneasy feelings by providing a comprehensive solution to finding colleges that meet your needs. 

High School
Pre-College Planning
  • Select for the most appropriate college prep courses

  • Develop a strong resume

  • Choose the most appropriate extracurricular activities

  • Plan for college entrance exams

College Major &
Career Assessment
  • Identify values, interests, and abilities

  • Match the above to potential career options

  • Research career options and plan
    for further investigation

  • Link possible majors to career options

  • Identify schools that excel in the major of interest

  • Research opportunities for job shadowing or information interviewing

College Selection
  • Assess competitiveness of student

  • Review student course history and performance

  • Discover student priorities

  • Identify colleges that meet student needs

  • College comparison

College Admissions
  • Organize prior to applying

  • Compose strong application package

  • Write strong essays

  • Plan college visits

  • Prepare for college interviews

  • Follow an action plan to ensure all deadlines are met

Financial Aid
  • Calculate family's eligibility to receive financial aid

  • Complete all federal, state, and campus financial aid forms to avoid costly mistakes

  • Send all required documentation to colleges in a timely fashion

Post College
  • Complete college housing applications

  • Compare financial aid packages

  • Time management

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